Printing & Binding Services

Performers, Ensembles, & Composers use Tradurre Musica's Printing and Binding Services.

Even if you do not distribute through Tradurre Musica, we can print and bind your scores as well as your instrumental parts. We use a large format laser printer at 1,200 dots per inch (dpi); which is double the average resolution of 600 dpi on most printers. This ensures the smallest details in your scores and parts are crisp, clear, and easy to read. We use paper with a minimum density of 105 grams per square meter (GSM); which is about 20-60% denser than most paper for scores. This prevents the paper from being so thin you can see through to the next page, and also makes the paper robust enough for years of pencil markings and erasing.

We can also convert your existing bound scores (and books) to coil bound, for ease of use during performance and score study.

Contact Tradurre Musica for a quote on any of the services below.

Amateur and Professional Performers:

Instrumental scores with enough margin space bound by glue or a staple at the spine, can be converted to coil bound scores. These scores lay flat, making it easier to turn pages at the piano or music stand.


Large scores with enough margin space bound by glue or a staple at the spine, can be converted to coil bound scores regardless the height of the score. These scores lay flat, making page turns easier during performance and during score study.


Instrumental parts submitted electronically to Tradurre Musica can be staple bound or coil bound into parts for ensembles of any size. If your composer self-publishes, they can send their score and parts directly to Tradurre Musica for us to print and bind for you. No more loose pages during a performance. If your ensemble arranges music, we can print, bind, and even distribute your music on our website if you don't want to host your own online store. Please contact us and answer a few questions to qualify.


For self publishing composers, we can print your scores and have them coil bound. We can also print and bind instrumental parts by either staple or coil, depending on the size. There is no minimum number of scores to print required for service. If you also want to distribute your scores on our website, please contact us and answer a few questions to qualify.